Moss Wines

Moss Wines is a small, hand crafted winery located in the beautiful, serene Oley Valley, PA. Founded by husband and wife team, Rob and Jen Moss, Moss Wines offers a variety of red, white, and fruit wines sure to please your palette. Rob started making wine in 2009, making about 12 gallons at one time. This free time hobby quickly turned into a business, now producing about 1500 gallons within a year!

HUGE UPDATE!!! Moss Wines LLC finally has a building permit for our first tasting room that will be open to the public! We are rapidly working to get the building constructed and open so our patrons have a place to come and enjoy our wine on a regular basis! We will be posting pictures and additional updates as things continue to progress! Stay tune

Current Wines

Fruit Wines


Red Wines

 Nine Sixteen / Pinot Noir / Red Zinfandel / Lambrusco / Malbec / Chambourcin / Cabernet Sauvignon

White Wines

Chardonnay / Gewurtztraminer / Pinot Grigio / Riesling / Viognier


Our Team

Starting a winery takes a small village, and we are very lucky and thankful to have wonderful friends and family that support our dream and don’t mind contributing a little elbow grease!

Contact Us:

We will be updating this site on a constant basis; any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Jen Moss via email at or Rob Moss at

Rob – 610-858-1340; Jen  – 267-897-0358

510 Bertolet Mill, Rd. Oley, PA 19547